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We Provide Commercial and Industrial Businesses with Money-Saving Cardboard Recycling Services in the Northeast and Throughout the United States

The cardboard scrap produced by your commercial or industrial business is a commodity that can make you money. Yorkshire Recycling is a Recycling Sales and Consulting service that helps businesses get the most value from the sale of their cardboard. We sell and rent cardboard balers and advise clients on how to turn their discarded scraps into cash and reduce their carbon footprint. Yorkshire Recycling is based in Boston, MA and we offer our cardboard commodity consulting services across the entire Northeast, including Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Maine. Continue reading our website and get in touch with us by phone to learn more about our services and how we help companies save money by better utilizing their waste.


We have been in the recycling industry for over 40 years and we currently employ over 30 sales representatives across the Northeast. We specialize in maximizing our clients’ revenue by providing them with Vertical Downstroke Balers that allow them to process their cardboard scrap and sell it directly to a paper mill. This eliminates the need for a third-party recycling company to be involved in the process. This translates into you receiving a higher per-ton price for your cardboard.


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Yorkshire Recycling

Yorkshire Recycling

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Cardboard Commodity Consulting

Are you getting paid for your cardboard scrap? Learn the benefits of cutting out the middle-man in the recycling process.

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Commercial Cardboard Baling

Commercial cardboard bailing turns loose cardboard scraps into bales that can be sold directly to a local paper mill to be recycled.

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Baler Sales and Rentals

Having a cardboard baler machine at your facility may be more affordable than you think. We sell and rent high-quality balers.

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Full Truckload Brokerage

If you need help transporting your cardboard bales to a local paper mill, we can save you the hassle of finding the right truckers to deliver.

Why Do I Need a Cardboard Baler Machine?

Most companies do not see their scrap corrugated cardboard as a commodity, but that’s exactly what they have. Most companies are content paying hauling fees and equipment rental fees without receiving the proper value for their Cardboard. If Cardboard is sold in loose form, it must be sent to a recycling facility to be baled. This process prepares it for shipment to a paper mill. After it is baled and shipped from the processing facility, the actual recycling process happens at the paper mill. Installing a Cardboard Baler at your facility eliminates the cost of transporting and baling your cardboard at a processing facility. The cost savings are passed on to you. Our consulting services help companies understand how significant those savings can be and then provide them with the machinery they need to turn their loose materials into bales and sell them for a great price. We also guarantee that your Bales are going directly to a Paper Mill for Recycling and not ending up in the landfill during a depressed market.

Buy or Rent a Baler Today Baler Today

Once you understand the cost-saving advantages of having your own baler, you will want to know the most cost-effective way of having this access. We offer balers for sale and for rental at exceptional prices. Contact us to learn more about our products, pricing, and rental deals.  


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