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Affordable Cardboard Baler Rental Service in Boston, MA and the Surrounding Areas

The benefits to having your own Cardboard Baler at your facility are plenty. For one, you save money by turning your loose Cardboard into a commodity that Paper Mills are willing to pay for. If you have decided that a Baler would benefit your business, contact Yorkshire Recycling in Boston, MA. We have Cardboard Balers for sale as well as rentals across the Northeast. A wide variety of commercial and industrial properties have been equipped with our balers and are getting paid for their scrap cardboard; wouldn’t you like to do the same?  

Looking for a Cardboard Baler for Sale?

If you want to own a Baler for your facility, all you need is a space 78” w x 41” x 152” h or 24 sq ft. We will handle the installation and we can also provide service when you need it. 

Get the Right Cardboard Baler for Rental or for Sale

Our cardboard baler rentals cost an average of $ 200 -to $ 375 75 per month. This is a cost-effective way to start reducing your carbon footprint and saving money with a baler if you are unable or unsure about committing to a purchase.  


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