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Where Does My Paper Go?

Once you have properly Baled your business’ Cardboard Scrap, what happens next? Here is a breakdown of the cardboard recycling process:  

  • One of our dependable drivers will pick up your Cardboard Bales, saving you time and energy. 


  • From your Facility, your Cardboard Bales are transported to a Paper Mill allowing Yorkshire Recycling to pay you top dollar for this valuable commodity. 


  • The Paper Mill will use your Cardboard Bales as a raw material and manufacture “Jumbo Rolls” of Linerboard and Medium which will then be converted into Corrugated Boxes.


  • Corrugated Box Manufacturers turn these paper rolls into sellable products for a wide variety of industries. In the end, the revenue from the sales of these products ends up back in your pocket! 


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