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Cardboard Commodity Consulting in New England and the Surrounding Regions

Are you getting paid for your cardboard? You may not realize it, but the cardboard scrap that you produce is a commodity that you can get paid for if you can sell it directly to a local paper mill to be recycled. The challenge is the paper mill won’t take loose cardboard- they require it to be baled. This means you have to pay to have your cardboard shipped to a processing center and baled before it goes to the paper mill. If your facility had its own baler, you could maximize revenues by sending bales directly to the paper mill yourself- and getting paid for it. Yorkshire Recycling offers cardboard commodity consulting services to commercial and industrial businesses in Boston and across the Northeast including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, and New Jersey. We advise clients on how they can start cardboard recycling for money AND for a reduced carbon footprint. 

The Most Cost-Efficient Way for Commercial and Industrial Companies to Do   Cardboard Recycling

Loose cardboard is not sought after, but once it is processed with a baler machine, it becomes an easily sellable commodity. Recyclers are always looking for quality cardboard bales. Is your business spending a significant amount of money on cardboard disposal? Are recycling bins taking up space on your premises that could be used for a more productive purpose? A baler offers a cost-effective solution.  

Start Cardboard Recycling for Money Today

Want to start getting paid for your cardboard scraps? Get in touch with Yorkshire Recycling and get cardboard commodity consulting services from professionals with decades of experience in the recycling industry.  


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